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Our Sales Conversation Methodology Will Help You:

Improve sales team access to executive-level buyers

Consistently deliver marketing messages to the right audience

Position your sales team as problem-solving advisors to your clients

Drive faster sales cycles with lower cost of sales and higher revenue

Did You Know?



63% of executive level buyers believe salespeople aren’t prepared for a meeting (Source: Forrester Research)



Only 23% of Executive buyers believe salespeople can relate to their role with empathy (Source: Forrester Research)



80% of the average sales person’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities (Source:



Over 25% of B2B sales cycles take seven months or more to close. (Source: Harvard University and Gallup)

We Help Sales Leaders and Teams:

Modernize Your Sales Process

Customer-centric approach to enabling relevant and valuable sales conversations your buyers are looking for.

Increase Team’s Buyer Relevance

Impactful, experiential, and reality-based sales training experiences that embed new skills you need to create and lead relevant sales conversations.

Decrease New Hire Ramp-Up Time

Modular and tailored approaches to equip your new salespeople with the conversation skills they need to get started selling.

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Think Differently. Sell Differently.™

The Evolution of  Sales Management

Selling Process. Buying Process. Neither one of these is generating the same results that they used to. We believe that buyers only want to engage in a problem-solving process. The challenge is, most sales management approaches and methods aren’t aligned to address this challenge. Download the white paper detailing our insights on what the evolution of buying means to sales management.

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