About Us

Think differently, Sell Differently.™

We Are Agility Selling

We are a sales conversation services company that is hyper-focused on the kind of conversations that buyers want to have.

Based on over a decade’s worth of research, thousands of interviews, and hands-on work with sales reps and managers around the globe, we developed a new value communication and sales conversation methodology designed to help salespeople communicate value in a more timely, relevant, and specific way across your buyer’s value network. The Agility Selling conversation methodology accelerates your sales process and keeps your company from becoming a commodity player while helping your reps become true trusted advisors.

As a consequence of the evolving world of sales, your goal is not just to achieve results. It’s to sell differently. You (and the rest of your team) must bring clarity to the specific problems you solve for clients while at the same time aligning everything that is part of your client conversations – from the content of what you communicate to the behaviors that you demonstrate to the tools you rely on – in order to create profitable client relationships that last.


Traditional selling programs follow a waterfall or step process approach to selling. Agility Selling allows decision to be made relevant to the buyer’s needs, not just checking off a box in the process.


Agility Selling focuses on the buyer and their problems. Many selling programs focus on their products first, customers second. As a result, they’re irrelevant to their buyers


Agility Selling designs solutions working backwards from buyer conversations (external focus) while most programs design solutions from the purchase point backwards (internal focus).


Most programs follow a mass-market approach to selling success. Agility Selling’s approach is tailored to each individual from your sellers down to your buyers.

Who is Agility Selling?

We are a team of experienced sales professionals, sales researchers, and sales enablement veterans. When you engage with Agility Selling, we will focus on helping you develop an agile selling approach that drives the sales conversations that matter most.

The Five Conversations

Build a Tailored Point of View:

The first conversation that must be mastered is the one you have before you talk with the client. Successfully mastering this conversation produces a customer-specific, tailored PoV statement.

Connect with the Right People:

The second conversation is about that first contact with a potential client. Successfully mastering this conversation produces a confirmed opportunity.

Have a Relevant Meeting:

The third conversation is about exploring and confirming the opportunity to solve a genuine problem with the client. Successfully mastering this conversation produces a qualified prospect who has a problem to solve.

Create the Definition of Success:

The fourth conversation is about building consensus with the client about what could be done and what will be done. Successfully mastering this conversation produces a clear definition of success that is mutually beneficial.

Make the Value Tangible:

The fifth conversation is about turning your client’s expectations and alternatives into measurable outcomes. Successfully mastering this conversation produces a formal activation.

How We Can Help You

Modernize Your Sales Process:

Most sales processes are stuck in the past, focusing on a product/service.  Further, they track activity, not relevance.  The resulting mess is rife with bad forecasts, stalled pipelines, and low-level customer relationships.  We specialize in turning that dynamic around with a buyer-centric approach to engineering the relevant sales conversations your buyers are looking for.

Increase Your Relevance to Buyers:

The factors that drive the need for sales training are constantly evolving.  Sadly, most sales training fails to keep up with these trends.  The end result is a sales force who is either struggling to keep up or simply going it alone.  Our expertise in creating impactful, experiential, and reality-based learning experiences will embed new skills you need to create and lead relevant sales conversations.

Decrease New Hire Ramp-Up Time

For any sales professional – regardless of job level – speed to proficiency is one of the most important keys to success.  Unfortunately, many sales reps are given an inadequate onboarding experience when they join a new team.  It is even worse for members of the sales management team.  Let us help you optimize new hire training programs through modular and tailored approaches to equip your new salespeople with the conversation skills they need to drive and protect revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to start the conversation you want to have.