Buyer Interview – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

27 Sep Buyer Interview – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As value communicators, it’s critical to  have conversations with your buyers and customers.  Those conversations MUST matter to your customers.  And you  have to be able to change your focus and message based on who you’re talking to and what altitude level you’re engaging.  As you engage to communicate value and work with different customer roles, understanding WHO you are talking to at deeper levels will likely make you rich.


In this podcast, Brian and Tim explore the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  They talk with Dave, a CFO from the Energy Industry about his views of the role.  In this fast moving podcast, we explore topics such as how Dave spends his time, how he views his role, and his cross-functional view to working with his peers to help drive the company to the future state.


Tim and Brian complete the deep dive interview with an engaging debrief to help you stimulate your thinking, and begin to formulate your approach to communicate value to CFO’s..  They also offer specific tips that you can use to build your relevance over time.

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