Introduction to the Executive Podcast Series

17 Mar Introduction to the Executive Podcast Series

As an executive responsible for your team’s value communication approach, you are responsible for developing the right strategies, markets, and customers necessary to help your organization grow.  As value communication becomes more complex, marketing, sales, HR, finance and technology teams are looking to help you be more successful. In many organizations, they genuinely want to help, but they might need your help and direction to do so.  You likely need to provide knowledgeable information to leaders in these functions to help them (and their teams) build the right products, allocate their resources, or help attain the right talent.

In this podcast, Brian and Tim explore ways of getting the help you need to ensure your team’s value communication is not only relevant but drives the right sales outcomes. They explore the role of finance, sales, HR, technology, and operations in supporting sales conversations, and offer helpful strategies for engaging proactively and consistently with these functions.

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