The Power of Problems

If you consider yourself a sales professional, helping your customers solve their problems and address their challenges should be the center of your entire sales philosophy. This idea serves as the cornerstone of your relevance as a seller.

The difficulty lies in defining how to be “problem-centric.” It requires much more than simply understanding common customer problems or the key terminology that customers use. You have to understand how problems are created, how people interact with those problems, and ultimately how decisions are made to address those problems.


The Power of Problems tackles this topic head on, providing concrete definitions and concepts that you can immediately apply to your business, regardless of industry or geography.

Our goal is simple:

We want to help people (especially frontline sales people) be more relevant in their sales conversations.


The Power of Problems is a free download. Yes, you will have to provide your email, but we promise not to use it to spam you endlessly. We hate junk mail as much as you do. To accelerate that success, we have made a number of decisions:

The Power of Problems is a mini-book.

Time is probably your most precious commodity, so we made the content direct and to the point. If you decide to print the book on paper, it will take less than 20 two-sided pages.

The Power of Problems is a social experience.

If you have questions – or even want us to add content to the book – you can engage with us directly here at Agility Selling. We will also add blog and podcast material to help you think outside the box even further.

The Power of Problems will update over time.

This book will literally be like software, improving with each update – for free.

The Power of Problems is sharable.

If you have a colleague who would benefit from what have to say, just give it to them. But know that we will only send free updated versions of the book to the people who have given us their email.

So, what are you waiting for? Download The Power of Problems now.

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