We want to help you:

  • Change/modernize how your sales team communicates value
  • Connect Sales with Marketing (and others) in a way that supports sales activity and drives revenue with your key clients
  • Grow and strengthen your position with existing accounts
  • Acquire new clients

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Every sales executive has to deliver two outcomes: increase revenue year over year and protect revenue year over year. However, your level of responsibility requires a different point of view than the rest of your colleagues in the sales profession. You are on point to deliver the performance of your entire sales organization, not just wins by account or territory.


Helping your team shift from product-pushers to problem-solvers requires your salespeople to be more than just trusted advisors. It also requires them to be creative and agile. Unfortunately, most organizations fail to release the sales team’s potential through more relevant customer conversations.


As a result, the brand promise being communicated by the sales team is not the brand you’re being asked to communicate by others in the organization (e.g., the CEO, marketing leaders and product groups).


A typical B2B company has an optimal relationship with fewer than one in seven of its customers. (Gallup)


Many suppliers of complex solutions have to rethink how they go to market. To differentiate from competitors, savvy marketing and sales leaders within these companies recognize the key to delivering real business results for buyers lies in not just selling them more stuff, but in connecting to the buyer’s reality and clearly communicating the role they play in the buyer’s success.


In order to change the relationship with executive-level buyers, you have to change the conversation. In complex sales, these sales conversations are where the bulk of your brand value is communicated. In that vein, success requires your salespeople to engage in conversations that not only position your value, but deliver value, and discover value – not just in terms of your product, but more importantly, in terms of your buyer’s expectations and alternatives to address the challenges that are impeding their success.


Our clients have had success with:

  • Helping their sales team elevate their sale conversations to sell more bundled solutions at higher altitude levels.
  • Created more sales velocity through more engineered sales conversations while slinging marketing support.
  • Improved pipeline volume with higher margin opportunities within existing accounts.


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