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Every sales professional has to deliver two outcomes: increase revenue year over year and protect revenue year over year. However, your level of responsibility requires a very focused point of view. You must master the day-to-day details of frontline selling while balancing the constant barrage of pressure from both customers and management alike. Most importantly, you must continuously prove your relevance to customers.


We’ve worked with thousands of salespeople world-wide and found two traits that all top performers have: they are buyer-focused and problem-centric.


When we say buyer-focused, we’re talking about understanding the point of view that their client has, the reality the client operates within, and the decisions that the client needs to make. This leads to the importance of being problem-centric because most of the client’s reality is defined by the problems they have to solve.


Buyers call their challenges “problems” – salespeople like to call them “opportunities.” And this difference matters.


When we say problem-centric, we’re talking about understanding how problems are structured. As a sales professional, you have to know (and navigate) the business challenges and aspirations of your clients, who’s involved in solving the problem with your client, and what alternatives your clients have to address the problem. You have to do this in a way that translates what you know into relevant conversations with your client.


Here is the struggle in today’s business environment: Too many salespeople don’t know their buyers’ well enough to have good ongoing conversations with them. The gap between what clients need to talk about, and what salespeople can provide is widening on a daily basis. Your clients know it – and your competitors try to exploit this at every opportunity they can.


It’s time to discover and apply the science behind relevant conversations. Based on over a decade’s worth of research, thousands of interviews (with both sellers and buyers), and hands-on work with sales reps and managers around the globe, we developed a new sales conversation methodology that is helping sales professionals elevate their sale conversations to achieve significant sales success.


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