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  • Provide end-to-end services to your internal clients that are focused on sales conversations
  • Introduce solutions that will create lasting behavior change in the sales team
  • Create clear and manageable focus for your team’s training efforts
  • Provide more valuable content to your new hire training program

Every sales trainer has to enable two outcomes: increase revenue year over year and protect revenue year over year. However, your level of responsibility requires a different approach. You must help create bridges between the strategy of the organization with the tactics of sales conversations in a way that consistently drives the right sales behaviors.


If you’re actively working with sales leaders to hit revenue targets and sales goals, the sales tactics and approaches of yesterday won’t work as well today. Most of today’s selling techniques are rooted in 1900’s thinking that is focused on bringing products to market and capturing more market share. However, today’s selling reality requires creating value out of the customer’s problem-solving experience and the evolving flow of information. When salespeople can do that, they transform their existing client relationships to create different opportunities and capture more wallet share.


As a sales trainer, you’re probably trying to train differently in order to help salespeople get caught up to the new reality they are facing. For example, rolling out an advanced selling skills program or a new sales process means you need to anchor your initiative in the new reality – not in the old one. How are your initiatives integrating with the client’s reality? How are you equipping salespeople to navigate the client’s problem?


Agility Selling accelerates your company’s sales process and keeps your sales team from becoming a commodity player – while putting them on the path to becoming a trusted advisor. It allows you to tailor your training solutions in a modular way. It can be customized and delivered through a variety of learning modalities and become the foundation for effective sales coaching.


Many sales trainers we work with are passionate about equipping their sales team in this way. The result has been elevated sales conversations, changed client relationships at the executive level, and more deals won based on bundled solutions.


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